Reflecting on 2022: 3 Articles to re-read this Summer

Reflecting on 2022: 3 Articles to re-read this Summer

3ArticlesToRe-Read.png10 August 2022

Oikocredit has stayed busy this year. As we continue developing and implementing our 2022 – 2026 strategy under the direction of our recently formed Executive Committee, let us reflect on the progress we made so far.

Here are three interesting articles we have written this year - a moment for us to celebrate our employees, our partners, and our positive social and ecological impact.   

In May, we interviewed our Investments Manager East Africa, Caroline Mulwa, as she celebrated 15 years with Oikocredit. This interview was both an insightful and inspirational exploration of how Caroline entered social value-oriented finance, how Oikocredit has evolved as a cooperative, and the significance and concrete positive effects of our regional partnerships.  

So, if you missed this story or would like to re-read it, you can do so here:  Celebrating 15 years with Oikocredit: interview with Caroline Mulwa - Oikocredit International 

Another prominent story to remember is the one announcing Oikocredit’s partnership with Aqua for All in June. This partnership aims to develop relevant, practical and innovative solutions for water, sanitation and hygiene in Africa and Asia. By highlighting the combined capability of both organisations, this story is a strong reminder of the generative power that emerges from partnerships in financial inclusion.  

Last but not least, in January, Oikocredit started the year by providing a €5 million loan to our partner Ecoligo, to support their work in delivering solar energy solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana and Kenya. Re-read the article and reflect on renewable energy's capacity to truly better our end clients’ quality of life.  

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