• Kenya mountain bike challenge from XX to XX MONTH

  • Kenya mountain bike challenge from XX to XX MONTH

  • Kenya mountain bike challenge from XX to XX MONTH

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Kenya Mountain Bike Challenge

Kenya trip

Kenya trip

Practical information

  • A fully arranged field trip

    For EUR XXX, you can join Oikocredit to explore the coffee sector in Peru. The budget will cover:

    • Transportation during the trip
    • Accommodation in unique locations
    • 3 meals per day and snacks (drinks are excluded)
    • Preparation meetings
    • For Kenya: a branded cycling shirt
    • For Peru: a coffee tasting and barista course
  • To be arranged by you

    • Your own return flight to Peru
    • Drinks at restaurants and bars
    • Visa
    • Health insurance
    • Vaccinations
    • For kenya: (transport of MTB and sports medical examination)
  • Why do we organize this?

    • We want to engage our investors in our work to develop stable and long-term connections
    • To raise money for XXXX
  • Activities

    • Kenya: 5 days of activity max 60 km per day
    • Kenya: 3-4 partner visits (RE, Agri, FI)
  • Requirements

    • Be a member or investor of Oikocredit
    • Good physical condition
    • Willing and able to travel long distances on bad roads
    • Good command of English
    • Health insurance
    • Holiday travel & cancellation insurance
  • Fitness level

    • Wide tracks of sand, dust and gravel. Your challenge is to cycle several days in a row and enjoy all the impressions with enough energy.
    • You need to be able to cycle 50-60 km a day for 5 days in a row.
    • Train endurance, cycle at least once a week 50 km
    • Weekly fitness training (spinning, HIIT etc.)
    • Start preparing now!
  • Selection process

    • Apply via our registration button on top of this page
    • Registration is open between XXX and XXX date
    • We will make a pre-selection of participants based on (1) where you’re from (we aim for an equal distribution of participants between our inflow countries), (2) your motivation and (3) ideas for how to share your experience with your network.
    • Short interviews with the candidates will take place in July 2023
    • We will inform the selected and rejected candidates in August 2023

Contact information in case of questions: events@oikocredit.org.