• Kenya mountain bike challenge from 14 to 22 April 2024

  • Kenya mountain bike challenge from 14 to 22 April 2024

  • Kenya mountain bike challenge from 14 to 22 April 2024

  • Kenya mountain bike challenge from 14 to 22 April 2024

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Kenya Mountain Bike Challenge

Embark on an invigorating mountain biking journey across the diverse terrains of Kenya, where you'll see anintertwining of natural beauty and sustainable development. This journey presents a unique opportunity to explore the dynamic country while engaging with Oikocredit's partners in the agriculture, renewable energy, and microfinance sectors. 

Kenyas strides forward in sustainable development are inspirational. On this trip, well see how creativity can align with eco-consciousness. Observe the advances in clean energy implementation, including solar and wind power initiatives that are steering Kenya towards a sustainable future. Gather insight from notable initiatives that are reinvigorating the world of sustainable power. 

This journey will also offer a deep dive into the significant influence of microfinance institutions in Kenya. Interact with entrepreneurial individuals who, despite odds, have achieved economic autonomy through access to financial resources and services. Witness first-hand the transformative power of microfinance in facilitating inclusive growth and fostering resilient communities. 

To involve your network in this challenging event, we will offer a sponsor project which you can use to raise money for one of Oikocredit’s partners. During the trip, you will see for yourself the difference your contribution can make, supporting sustainable farming, community development, and environmental conservation. Learn more about the sponsor project here.

This trip promises more than a test of your biking abilities.It also provides an extraordinary chance to network with fellow individuals who share your enthusiasm for biking and commitment to empowering underserved populations globally. See how Oikocredit's financial support is enabling its partners to offer opportunities for real change in the lives of low-income people and learn how we plan to enhance this impact further.

Practical information

  • Cost of the trip

    The trip will cost you EUR 1,800. See below for more information on what this includes and excludes.

  • What's included

    The following is included in the cost of your trip:

    • Transportation during the trip (including airport transfers)
    • Overnight accommodation (most nights in twin rooms)
    • Three meals per day (drinks are excluded)
    • Carbon offsetting your flight (we contribute to Fair Climate Fund to compensate the carbon emissions of your flight)
    • Preparatory meetings: two online meetings ahead of the trip
  • What's not included

    The following is not included in the price of the trip:

    • Your own flights to and from Kenya
    • Drinks at restaurants and bars
    • Any required visas
    • Health insurance
    • Vaccinations
    • Sports medical certificate
    • Mountain bike transport (or hire a bike in Kenya)
    • Optional extra: visit Mombasa Marine National Park & Reserve
    • Your own medication, mosquito repellent, sunscreen
  • Who will we visit?

    • The sponsor project
    • Smallholder macadamia farmers
    • A macademia factory
    • A Renewable energy client
    • A microfinance institution
  • Activities

    • Five days of cycling (maximum of 60 km per day)
    • 3 partner visits  in the sectors of renewable energy, agriculture and financial inclusion
    • Optional extra: visit Mombasa Marine National Park & Reserve  
  • Program requirements

    To participate, this is what you’ll need:

    • Be an Oikocredit investor
    • Good physical condition: you should be able to cycle 60 km per day for 5 days in a row
    • Willing and able to travel long distances in vehicles on uneven roads
    • Ability to speak and read English (B2 or university level)
    • Health insurance
    • Holiday travel and cancellation insurance
    • Join the preparatory online meetings in advance of the trip
    • A contribution of at least EUR 1,000 towards our sponsor project
  • Fitness level

    Kenya is a demanding trip where participants must have a level of fitness to enjoy the experience and support each other. That’s why we require you to meet the following physical conditions:

    • Ability to cycle over wide tracks of sand, dust and gravel for several days in a row across different terrains while keeping your energy levels up
    • Capable of cycling up to 60km per day for five days in a row
    • You engage in endurance training regularly, cycling 50km at least once a week
    • You’re physically fit, with regular weekly activities such as spinning, HIIT, Crossfit, etc.
  • Selection process

    The selection process to join our Oikocredit Journeys trips is as fair as possible. Here’s how it works:

    • Registration is open between 12 June 2023 and is extended until 30 September 2023
    • You apply via this registration page
    • Our team will make a shortlist of applicants based on the following criteria: (1) where you’re from (we aim for an equal distribution of participants between countries), (2) your motivation for joining the trip and (3) your ideas on how you’re going to share the Oikocredit experience within your network
    • Short interviews with the candidates will take place in September 2023
    • A final decision will be communicated to all applicants in October 2023
  • Frequently asked questions

    Got a question about Oikocredit Journeys? We answer the most frequently asked questions below:

    • I’m differently abled. Can I go on a trip if I’m in a wheelchair? Sadly, we aren’t able to accommodate all people of different abilities. While some impairments, such as partial deafness, may be accommodated, our teams aren’t equipped to handle all kinds of differently abled people, such as those in wheelchairs.
    • What’s the total cost of the trip? We’re unable to provide an exact figure as some costs may vary depending on your personal situation. You will be charged EUR 1,800 for the trip. In addition, you will have to buy your own flight to and from Kenya (including transport of your mountain bike), visa, vaccinations, medical check and the necessary travel insurances. During the trip, it is advised to have some additional money for buying souvenirs, drinks and personal expenses such as telephone calls and doing your laundry.
    • Can I sign up with someone else, such as my partner? Yes, we’d be happy to welcome your partner or friend – however, we ask you to complete the registration form separately and mention in the comment section with who you like to join, how you are related and why you would like to join the trip together.
    • Are you a travel agency? Oikocredit is a social impact organisation. Oikocredit facilitates the organization of Oikocredit Journeys by an independent travel agency. With this, we are sharing our work with our investors. We are not a travel agency and organising tours or trips is not our main business
    • Is Oikocredit making money from these trips? No. The price of the trip is to cover costs only. The trips are organised to offer our investors deeper insight into our work.

Contact information in case of questions: events@oikocredit.org.