• See Oikocredit’s work first-hand in Kenya and Peru

  • See Oikocredit’s work first-hand in Kenya and Peru

  • See Oikocredit’s work first-hand in Kenya and Peru

  • See Oikocredit’s work first-hand in Kenya and Peru

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Welcome at Oikocredit Journeys
  • Discover our coffee journey to Peru

    November 2023

  • Explore our Kenya Mountain bike challenge

    October 2023


What are Oikocredit Journeys?

At Oikocredit, it's our dedicated and loyal investors that make our mission possible. Their generous funding allows us to provide loans, equity investments, and capacity-building support to our partners, creating a positive feedback loop of solidarity and opportunity.

Our partners then take these resources and extend the benefits to their clients, suppliers, members, and employees. This ripple effect of goodwill and progress is only possible thanks to our investors' unwavering support.

We believe it's important for our investors to see the real-world impact of their contributions. This is why we've created Oikocredit Journeys - an opportunity for our investors to gain first-hand experience of the work we do and the efforts of our partners.

The aim of Oikocredit Journeys is to bring our investors as close as possible to the positive change their investments are making. We want to foster a deeper understanding of our work, the work of our partners and the impact on the end-beneficiaries.

By joining an Oikocredit Journeys trip, as an investor, you'll have the chance to:

  • Witness the workings of Oikocredit and our partners first-hand, seeing how your investment is put to work.
  • Enhance your understanding of our mission through direct interactions with our partners and end-beneficiaries.
  • Network and share experiences with other like-minded investors.

We invite you to participate in Oikocredit Journeys, to see the tangible impact of your support, and to deepen your connection with the work we do together.

Could also be added to the bullet point list below. I think it would help make it clear that in addition to the trip, Oikocredit also expects something 'in return' (i.e. the ambassadorship).

Oikocredit’s work and impact

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