Capacity building

Oikocredit provides more than just financing. Through our capacity building support, partners are able to access new technology, knowledge and skills to support them in their growth and development.

Our capacity building activities are structured around three global programmes in agriculture, client outcomes and financial services.


Our capacity building in agriculture includes:

  • training farmer cooperatives and other agricultural enterprises in financial and risk management,
  • trade and environmental protection, and
  • developing technical skills at farmer level.

Client outcomes

Through our client outcomes programme, we build the capacity of financial institutions to track, interpret and report changes in the lives of their clients over time. Our partners are then able to use client insights to improve various aspects of their businesses and strengthen their offering for clients.

Financial services

The financial services programme supports partners in delivering responsible financial services. It offers support to partners for client protection, financial literacy for clients and other aspects of social performance and risk management.