About the International Support Foundation

The Stichting Oikocredit International Support Foundation is an approved public benefit body (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling - ANBI). This means its donors are eligible for tax benefits.

Purpose of the foundation

The main purpose of this non-profit foundation is to mobilize grant funds to assist Oikocredit in the various activities it deploys in low-income countries and also assist Oikocredit partners in those countries. The support to Oikocredit partners and network goes beyond regular financial services and also covers risks related to Oikocredit’s lending to partners.

Read more about the activities for 2014-2018.

Board of directors and remuneration policy

The foundation is directed by a board consisting of Thos GieskesBart van Eyk, Maria (Ging) Ledesma, Patrick StutvoetPetra Lens and Mirjam 't Lam.

The members of the board cannot claim financial compensation or remuneration from the foundation, other than expenses incurred whilst carrying out activities related to their duties.

External reporting

Read the most recent financial statements*.
The Activity Report 2020 presents the foundation’s various activities and is available now.

Other information

The foundation is registered under RSIN number 804906610.

Our contact details are:
Berkenweg 7, 3818 LA Amersfoort
Tel: 033 422 40 40

*In the event of any differences or inconsistencies between the text and quantitative information on this website, and that in the original financial statements as filed at the trade register of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, the latter shall prevail.