Guided by our mission and vision, our new 2022-2026 strategy has a community-focused approach. This approach will help us achieve even greater social impact and resilience for the communities we serve. 

We want to unite and strengthen the communities we support. Whether working with partners to meet low-income people’s needs or connecting our members and investors, our new community-focused approach benefits all areas of our work.

A changing climate, environmental degradation, natural disasters, and global and local health crises cannot be ignored. We want to empower low-income people to become more resilient in the face of increasing uncertainty.

By focusing on fostering resilience, Oikocredit has an opportunity to make greater impact on low-income communities through our partners. We believe individual resilience is enhanced by achieving greater sustainable resilience at community level.

To strengthen community resilience and advance responsible investing, our new strategy focuses on three main pillars:

• Building a holistic approach to supporting communities

• Nurturing a global impact-making movement

• Facilitating a more direct connection between partners, communities, and members and investors

Updated Strategy Pyramid

In developing our new strategy, we aim to:

  1. Create resilience and long-term impact for low-income people.
  2. Remain committed to our current focus sectors of financial inclusion, agriculture and renewable energy, and at the same time to diversify our portfolio into new sectors to improve community resilience.
  3. Enhance the impact of our current and prospective partners through capacity building and technical assistance.
  4. Pay a fair and stable return to our investors.
  5. Secure sufficient member capital to support the growth of our development financing portfolio.
  6. Be the preferred social impact investor for investors.

Strategy cover updated 2023To learn more about our new 2022-2026 strategy read our Oikocredit’s Strategy: Building community resilience and watch the video below.