Oikocredit Impact Report 2023 indicates we are making a difference at scale

Oikocredit Impact Report 2023 indicates we are making a difference at scale

CID-BO-061 (1).jpg20 September | 2023

Most comprehensive impact statement to date reports on UN Sustainable Development Goals, capacity building, carbon footprint and more.

Oikocredit’s financial inclusion partners reached more than 42.2 million people in 2022, our new Impact Report 2023 reveals. The report, published today, describes how Oikocredit and its 519 partners are promoting sustainable development and supporting positive outcomes across the key target areas of financial inclusion, agriculture and renewable energy.

As the world faces what has been described as a poly crisis, Oikocredit’s work in promoting sustainable development is more relevant than ever. People with low incomes have been hard hit by a confluence of factors, including inflation, severe climate change, the war in Ukraine and other geopolitical tensions.

Despite the challenging situation, Oikocredit’s partners have been able to expand their outreach and improve access to products and services in order to meet the needs of people and communities with low incomes.

Dave Smit, Director, Impact Investments at Oikocredit, said, “Our Impact Report 2023 shows how Oikocredit’s partners are making a difference at scale by improving the lives of end-clients and their communities around the world. The report balances a data-supported overview of our partners’ work with an on-ground look at how our end-clients are faring. None of this, of course, would be possible without our active community of investors, members and donors. I’m proud of the progress we are making together.”Oikocredit’s Impact Report 2023 reports on a broad range of parameters. Key themes include Oikocredit’s contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, our capacity building services, an analysis of our carbon footprint, and research into women in leadership.

Women and farmers among key target groups

Our partners’ reach was strongest in rural areas, which is where 67% of financial inclusion end-clients are located. In total, 2.59 million farmers were reached by Oikocredit’s agricultural partners over the reporting period.

Approximately 87% of the end-clients reached by our financial inclusion partners are women.

And Oikocredit’s partners have helped create or support 6.3 million jobs at the small and medium enterprises they work with.

The report also highlights the results of Oikocredit’s end-client survey, in which end-clients reported changes in their lives. Ninety per cent of the more than 16,000 people surveyed indicated Oikocredit’s partners had a positive influence on their wellbeing.

Read the Impact Report 2023 for a closer look.

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