Managing Board Change at Oikocredit

Managing Board Change at Oikocredit

Petra Lens.jpg08 April | 2021

Petra Lens, Director of People & Change, has decided to leave Oikocredit for personal reasons to pursue a career change. She will continue in her position until 1 September.

Petra will continue in her position until 1 September 2021 to help with the recruitment of a new Managing Director. We’re very grateful to Petra for her flexibility in this regard and for her dedication to Oikocredit.

Oikocredit’s Supervisory Board and Managing Board are thankful to Petra for the invaluable contributions she has made, particularly the work she has done to build up and strengthen Oikocredit’s People and Change functions.

Joseph Patterson, Chair of Oikocredit’s Supervisory Board, said: “We regret Petra’s decision but we are very grateful to her for her important contributions and for her strong commitment to Oikocredit. She can be proud of what she has achieved over the past five years and we wish her well in her future endeavours.”

We look forward to continuing to work with Petra over the coming months, and to her ongoing contribution to Oikocredit.

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