Oikocredit annual general meeting takes place in India

Oikocredit annual general meeting takes place in India

electronic voting AGM 201822 June | 2018

Last week, Oikocredit’s annual general meeting took place in Chennai, India.

For the second time since its founding in 1975, the cooperative held its annual meeting in India, exactly 40 years after it made its first loan in India. Around 90 participants attended the event which included internal meetings, events with external speakers, visits to partner organisations and the annual general meeting (AGM) on 14 June.

During the AGM, Eltjo Kok (the Netherlands) was elected to the Supervisory Board and Ruth Waweru (Kenya) was elected for a second term.

The members thanked Jacinta Hamann de Vivero (Peru), outgoing Chair of the Supervisory Board whose second term has ended, for her valuable contributions to Oikocredit and her leadership of the Supervisory Board over the past four years. The Supervisory Board elected Karsten Löffler as its Chair and Anette Austin as its Vice Chair.

Six members were also elected to the Members’ Council at the AGM. Christiane Riffaud (France) was elected for the first time and five members were re-elected: Emmanuel Muhozi (Rwanda), Hans van Nie (Canada), Huub Lems (the Netherlands), Polisi Baudoin Kivava (DR Congo) and Ulrike Chini (Germany).

Motions approved by the AGM included the Managing Board’s proposal to pay a 1% dividend, and the proposal to add a transitional clause to the articles of association. This clause authorises the Managing Board, in the event that the accounting rules change, to adjust the period for which the management may suspend redemptions of shares from the current maximum of five years to an indefinite period.

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