Oikocredit as employer

Who are we and what we do

Oikocredit is a social investor founded on ethical principles. We provide loans and investments for partner organizations in developing countries. This includes working with partners in our focus areas of microfinance, renewable energy and agriculture. 

Cooperative culture

Oikocredit has more than 270 members of staff in around 40 countries with almost 50 nationalities. We are people from different backgrounds and nationalities working towards a common goal.

We stand for equality, inclusion, and cooperation. We work towards empowering people, following fair trade principles, caring for the environment and improving people’s living conditions.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is a global, just society in which resources are shared sustainably and all people are empowered with the choices they need to create a life of dignity.

Oikocredit promotes global justice by challenging people, churches and others to share their resources through socially responsible investments, thereby empowering disadvantaged people with credit. We do not just provide financing, but work with local partners to provide training, technical support and access to markets.

We offer a triple return to our investors: social, environmental and financial.

Dedicated professionals

We have a growing team of dedicated professionals worldwide. Here at the international office in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, we coordinate the inflow of investments, and provide financing and capacity building for our partners. We work closely with our support associations who bring in investments, and the regional and country offices which work with our partners on the ground.

Oikocredit aims to be a social and fair employer. We offer our staff regular training opportunities in which they can strengthen and apply their skills in pursuit of a social goal.

We attract people who have their hearts in the right place, but have the practical sense to back up their ideals with professionalism. By way of example, we regularly seek candidates with expertise in finance and/or development economics. A thorough knowledge of English is a must, while additional languages, such as Spanish or French, are an asset.

Are you interested in working for an international cooperative that attracts investments and offers financing and capacity building to its partners, medium-sized companies and organizations in developing countries? If so, apply for one of our vacancies or send us an open application.