Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Any questions? Our FAQs offer answers to some most common questions on jobs and recruitment at Oikocredit.

  • How do I apply for a position?

    We post all job opportunities on the Oikocredit website. Select which position you would like to apply for and submit an online application.

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  • How long will I have to wait for a response to my application?

    We do our best to reply to all direct applications within two week of the deadline date. 

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  • The vacancy was displayed on the website yesterday, but it's gone today. What happened?

    The vacancy has been closed or withdrawn. Unfortunately, applying is no longer possible.

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  • Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

    You are welcome to apply for any job for which you are qualified.

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  • What is the recruitment process at Oikocredit?

    All current job vacancies are listed on our website

    As a first step, when you fill in the application form, we ask you to provide a CV and a motivation letter. We do not request other documents until a job offer is made. Should your application be considered for an interview, you will be contacted by an HR Officer or Recruiter who will inform you on the next steps in the process.

    Oikocredit and the job agencies we work with never request candidates to pay any money or incur any cost at any stage of the recruitment. Please refrain from any job offer or advert that does not comply with the above mentioned rigorous recruitment process.

    For any questions, please contact us at

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  • How can I recognise fake jobs advertised online?

    We bring to your attention that some fake job adverts could be circulating on the internet and social media. The intent of such fake job advert is to deceive the candidates into transferring money with phony reasons (for instance paying for a work permit, an insurance contract or similar).

    Even if some of these job adverts are somehow mimicking Oikocredit’s brand, they are by no means linked to our company nor authorised by us. They can be recognised as fake as they are not traceable to any Oikocredit’s official page or social media channel, nor to any authorised job agency. Moreover, Oikocredit and the job agencies we work with always follow a rigorous recruitment process and never request candidates to pay any money at any stage of the recruitment.
    For more information about our recruitment process, we invite you to look at our FAQ here. Should you have any suspicions of recruitment fraud or should you have any related questions please contact

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  • Is your question not listed?

    Is your question not listed or do you still encounter problems while applying, please give us a call at +31 33 422 40 40.

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