Building capacity

Our partners often face more than financial challenges. Skill shortages, knowledge gaps or missing certifications can be obstacles to achieving financial and social goals. While Oikocredit’s core business is finance, we offer capacity building programmes so our partners can operate more efficiently and effectively.

Partner support

Oikocredit provides advice and practical training which enables partners to build capacity.

Local experts deliver specialized services, which range from improving sub-standard information management systems to developing new products or providing practical training in health or business operations. Each regional office has a dedicated staff member that identifies and monitors capacity building projects in the area.

Collaborative projects

Oikocredit capacity building projects are often collaborations between Oikocredit and other funders including the Church of Sweden and the Inter-American Development Bank. The support is available to all Oikocredit partners.


For Oikocredit, social performance management is as important as financial management. Oikocredit’s mentoring programme is designed to help microfinance partners embed client-centred approaches into their daily practices.

Risk management

Oikocredit uses a tailored risk management system to evaluate the three most significant areas of risk to its operations - credit, market, and liquidity risk.

To assess these factors, Oikocredit consistently monitors: 

  • portfolio at risk (PAR) scores
  • changes in the local market
  • country rating reports
  • financial and social information provided by local staff

Oikocredit also trains its partners to mitigate risks through risk management training workshops. Risk management training helps partners to determine acceptable levels of risk, establish assessment mechanisms, develop risk mitigation policies and test the effectiveness of their controls.