Oikocredit provides loans to organisations active in financial inclusion, agriculture and renewable energy in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We work with partner organisations which aim to contribute to improving the lives of low-income people and communities.

Oikocredit seeks to provide loans of between € 500,000 and € 10 million to organisations active in the financial inclusion, agriculture and renewable energy sectors in 33 focus countries across our three regions. Our loans typically mature in 3-4 years.

We look for partners that:

  • create as well as sustain jobs and income for disadvantaged groups
  • provide households with access to clean and renewable energy
  • are farmer or financial cooperatives, financial institutions or small to medium enterprises
  • have women in influential positions such as in management
  • are environmentally sustainable and respect animal welfare
  • have suitable management in place and are (or can soon become) financially sustainable
  • have a clear need for foreign investment

If you are a socially focused organisation working in one of our focus sectors and markets and you need a loan, please contact us.