Conditions for investing

Transfers to Oikocredit’s bank account to request issuance of participations are subject to conditions outlined below.

A participation is a non-voting equity instrument governed by Dutch law, issued by Oikocredit. The issuance of participations is always at Oikocredit’s discretion.

The following legally binding documents and web pages describe the conditions of a financial investment in participations with Oikocredit.

Participation terms

The participation terms describe in detail how your investment in Oikocredit will be handled and what your rights and obligations as an investor in Oikocredit are. Oikocredit may amend the participation terms from time to time at its own discretion.


The prospectus (including any supplements thereto) describes, amongst others, the key risks of investing in Oikocredit. The prospectus is available in English and its summary is available in several languages.

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association contain, amongst other provisions, the core terms of your investment in Oikocredit and may be amended by Oikocredit with the agreement of its members in a General Meeting.

Consumer information

The consumer information for distance and off-premises contracts describes the rights of consumers (investors who are natural persons not acting in a professional capacity) as set out in European consumer protection regulations. 


The privacy notice describes how Oikocredit will process personal information relating to investors.


The participation offered for subscription is a participation issued by Oikocredit with which the risks described in the prospectus are associated. In particular, there is a risk that the price at which the participations can be redeemed by Oikocredit is lower than the price at which they are issued. Therefore, a loss of this investment for the investor cannot be excluded.

There is also a risk that the acceptance and/or processing of requests to redeem will be delayed for a set or indefinite term. Investors should be able to economically cope with a partial or even total loss of their investment, as well as with any delay of the acceptance and/or processing of requests to redeem their participations.

The participation offered is expressly not covered by a financial compensation scheme and is potentially illiquid. A detailed description of the risks associated with the subscription to participations can be found in Section 1 of the prospectus. Oikocredit strongly recommends that investors seek advice from a tax advisor regarding the tax treatment of income from the participations.  

Withdrawal right and notice of withdrawal

In accordance with European consumer protection regulations, issuance requests are subject to a right of withdrawal for (prospective) investors who are natural persons not acting in a professional capacity. Withdrawal requests can be made ultimately 14 calendar days after the date of confirmation by Oikocredit of the issuance of additional participations, without any charge, by sending written communication to Oikocredit by postal mail and/or email, or any other means. The withdrawal is to be addressed to 

Consequences of withdrawal 

In the event of an effective withdrawal, the additional amounts that investors have transferred will be returned within 30 days to their bank account. There is no entitlement to any dividends with respect to the participations for which an effective withdrawal occurred.  

If investors do not exercise their right within the period of 14 days, they will continue to be the holder of the participations that they have acquired with all the associated rights and obligations (see the prospectus, the Articles of Association of Oikocredit and the participation terms). 

Special note  

Upon withdrawal of a request for issuance of participations, the person withdrawing the request will no longer be bound by such request.