Membership of the cooperative

Oikocredit is a cooperative society with member organisations all over the world. As well as helping to achieve Oikocredit’s mission, staff and volunteers of Oikocredit's member organisations also enjoy extra benefits.

  • Your voice counts: Influence Oikocredit’s future by voting at annual general meetings. These meetings are the highest decision-making body of Oikocredit and, among other things, elect the Supervisory Board members. You can also participate actively in the cooperative by taking a seat on members’ representative bodies such as the Members’ Council

  • Get to know our partners: Learn more about Oikocredit’s partners and how their work supports low-income people by attending events and study tours

  • Learn about our business: Attend webinars to learn more about specific areas of Oikocredit’s work

Who are our members?

Membership is open to the following types of organisations:

  • Churches and church-related organisations

  • Support associations, which are independent organisations founded to support our purpose, mission and vision and that operate under the Oikocredit brand to support our work

  • Our partners who have met their loan obligations for at least five years can be invited to become a member of Oikocredit

  • 'Other organisations' that are aligned with our mission and meet specific conditions can be invited to become a member by Oikocredit’s Supervisory Board

You can read about our current members in our members list.

Investing as a member

Members of the cooperative invest in Oikocredit participations. If your organisation is considering becoming a member, you can find more information about investing as a member here.