Membership of the cooperative

Oikocredit is a cooperative society with member organisations all over the world. As well as helping to achieve Oikocredit’s mission, staff and volunteers of Oikocredit's member organisations also enjoy extra benefits:

  • Your voice counts: Influence Oikocredit’s future by voting at annual general meetings. These meetings are the highest decision-making body of Oikocredit and, among other things, elect the Supervisory Board members. You can also participate actively in the cooperative by taking a seat on members’ representative bodies such as the Members’ Council

  • Get to know our partners: Learn more about Oikocredit’s partners and how their work supports low-income people by attending events, partner visits and study tours

  • Learn about our business: Attend webinars or masterclasses at Oikocredit's central office in the Netherlands to learn more about specific areas of Oikocredit’s work

  • Share your knowledge: Apply your expertise by taking board seats and consultancy assignments at Oikocredit partner organisations

Who are our members?

Membership is open to the following types of organisations:

  • Churches and church-related organisations

  • Support associations, which are independent organisations that operate under the Oikocredit brand to support our work.

  • Our partners who have met their loan obligations for at least five years can be invited to become a member of Oikocredit

  • Other organisations that are aligned with our mission and meet specific conditions can be invited to become a member by Oikocredit’s Supervisory Board

You can read about our current members in our members list.

Read our investment prospectus

Members of the Oikocredit cooperative invest in Oikocredit participations. Read our prospectus, our articles of association and other relevant documentation to learn more about these investments.