Rebuilding and rebalancing: Oikocredit publishes Impact Report 2022

Rebuilding and rebalancing: Oikocredit publishes Impact Report 2022

IR2022 eng cover.jpg21 septembre 2022

Oikocredit publishes its Impact Report 2022

Amid global economic challenges, environmental crisis and an unequitable response to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been a challenging year for many of our partners and the communities they serve.

This is reflected in the theme of our Impact Report 2022: Rebuilding and Rebalancing.

The Impact Report 2022 outlines how Oikocredit targets social impact and sustainable development through its work across the financial inclusion, agriculture and renewable energy sectors.

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In the report, you can read about how we select, monitor and report on our activities as a social impact investor.

You can also find out more about the projects initiated by Oikocredit and its partners to deliver access to financial and non-financial support for underserved communities.

The report highlights the stories of five partners that helped end-clients to expand their businesses and bring positive social change to their communities.

Our Impact Report 2022 also explains Oikocredit’s ongoing contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mirjam ‘t Lam, Oikocredit’s Managing Director said: “We are delighted to publish our Impact Report 2022. It explains how we measure the impact of our activities in a meaningful way and showcases impact in action through the data and insights we share.

“I hope you enjoy reading the impact stories from some of the more than 500 partners we finance. We are proud of the efforts made by our worldwide cooperative to support local communities to rebuild and rebalance.”

 For all this and more, read our Impact Report 2022! 

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