Oikocredit Live: Combatting Climate Change.

Oikocredit Live: Combatting Climate Change.

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An online event with Norandino and BURN on 13 June 2023

Climate change is having a profound impact on agriculture. Smallholder coffee and cocoa farmers face challenges such as droughts, floods, and diseases affecting their crops. What can farmers do to adapt to these changes? And can our partner organisations in the renewable energy sector help mitigate the effects of climate change?

Join us for the second edition of our online event series, Oikocredit Live, on 13 June from 19:30-21:00 CEST, where we will discuss these questions and more! 

On the agenda There’ll be a brief introduction about Oikocredit’s commitment in the renewable energy and agriculture sectors.  

You will learn about Claudia Vasque and Gilmar Cast from our partner organisation Norandino (Peru) will share how their sustainable coffee project helps farmers faced with climate change.  And renewable energy partner BURN (Kenya) will explain how their fuel-efficient cooking appliances are improving the lives of their clients.  

Time for your questions After the presentations, there’ll be time for attendees to ask questions and engage with the speakers. 

Don't miss this engaging and informative event that will inspire you to take action towards a more sustainable future.  

The online event will be held in English. Please register here for the event! 


·        Gilmar Castillo – Investigation and Development Manager at Norandino 

·        Claudia Vasque – Reforestation Department Manager at Norandino 

·        Aldo Risco – Investment Officer at Oikocredit International 

·        Chris Mckinney – Chief Commercial Officer at BURN

·        James Todd – Renewable Energy Manager at Oikocredit International 

Moderated by: 

Helena Funk – Education Expert & PR Officer Oikocredit Ostdeutscher Förderkreis

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