Driving social agenda

As a leader in the microfinance sector, Oikocredit has collaborated with its peers to define and develop a number of tools now widely used in the sector. We actively join sector-level debates on social performance management among development finance practitioners, social investors and microfinance institutions.

Social Performance Task Force (SPTF)

As a member of the SPTF, Oikocredit has participated in the development of standards for social performance management. Oikocredit is one of two investor representatives on the steering committee of the task force.


Poverty Probability Index (PPI)

The PPI is a 10-question poverty profiling tool. It enables poverty-focused microfinance institutions to accurately select their clients. Implementation over time provides information on whether clients have moved out of poverty.


Social Performance Indicators (SPI)

Since 2008, our regional offices increasingly implement auditing and assessment tools such as the SPI. Developed by the French organization CERISE, the SPI tool provides a comprehensive framework for reviewing an organization’s social strategy, the processes employed to implement this strategy, and the results of products and services.


Client Protection Principles (CPPs)

As a member of the steering committee of the SMART Campaign, we are active in promoting and developing the CPPs, including assessment guidelines.


Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance (PIIF)

With a group of like-minded investors and under the leadership of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development, Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, we co-developed the PIIF. We are involved in the implementation and reporting guidelines for these principles.