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Zigoti Coffee Works Ltd - A credit line to support more coffee processing

Zigoti Coffee Works Ltd

A credit line to support more coffee processing


Fair trade

Trade in products that have been certified and carry a fair trade label. An example of this is a farmer’s cooperative that collectively sells its cocoa to a fair trade organization.


Promotes and/or supports the protection of the environment. An example of this is an organic farming cooperative.

Zigoti Coffee Works Ltd is a coffee processing company that buys, roasts, processes and sells coffee. The company was established in 1992 after the dissolution of the former Coffee Marketing Board and the liberalization of the economy in 1987.

The company has its own processing factory in Zigoti, in the Mityana district. The main office, which includes another factory, is located in the industrial area of Kampala. The company mainly produces Fair Average Quality (FAQ) coffee which is sold both locally and internationally, especially to Europe, America and Asia.

Zigoti Coffee Works Ltd works in collaboration with coffee farmers in central, western and eastern Uganda. It has built warehouses and also works closely with dealers in a large number of districts which produce both robusta and arabica beans.

Uganda's coffee sector has two major harvesting seasons, so Zigoti Coffee Works Ltd has a year-round coffee supply. Zigoti Coffee Works Ltd has already grown from a micro business into a medium-sized enterprise and is keen to tap into the growing market for high-quality coffee and increase its market shares both locally and globally.

Oikocredit's credit line will enable Zigoti Coffee Works to expand its capacity in terms of purchases, production and sales. As a result, the company can reach out to more rural coffee farmers through value-adding services such as training, the provision of coffee plant seedlings and market access.

Zigoti Coffee Works Ltd has been an Oikocredit partner since 2015.

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