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Ezoxs, Civil Partnership Dobromir Yordanov-Ognian Iliev - Community spirit from a local farming company

Ezoxs, Civil Partnership Dobromir Yordanov-Ognian Iliev

Community spirit from a local farming company



Promotes and/or supports the protection of the environment. An example of this is an organic farming cooperative.

Ezoxs, Civil partnership Dobromir Yordanov – Ognian Iliev is an agricultural company which produces sunflower seeds, wheat, barley and other cereals, and breeds cattle. Ezoxs is based in the town of Popovo in central-northern Bulgaria, an agricultural region with a long tradition in producing grain, fruits and vegetables. Ezoxs has 100 permanent employees. It cultivates about 3,300 hectares of land located around 10 villages in the region where unemployment rates are very high. To ensure regular incomes for themselves and their families, about 1,130 landowners (mostly women) lease their lands to Ezoxs and receive a fair payment. The average plot owned by a landowner is 2.9 hectares. Most of the landowners are elderly people who lack sufficient income.

Ezoxs also has a cattle breeding farm with 700 places for cattle.

In Gagovo village, where Ezoxs cultivates about 1,000 hectares, the company upgraded an existing irrigation system with new equipment bought with Oikocredit loans, which increased and stabilized land yields. In 2014 Ezoxs received a loan for building a biogas installation using agricultural waste.

Ezoxs has a socially-oriented policy supporting landowners and employees in several ways:

  • Provision of financial support for elderly and sick landowners and employees. Ezoxs partially covers medical treatment expenses and costs of medicine
  • Provision of financial support to the municipalities where Ezoxs has rented land
  • Ezoxs has given its restaurant in the village of Slavianovo to the Social Service Office, and has given a number of rooms in its own building to the local club for retired people
  • Ezoxs provides wheat to the local bakery in Gagovo village and oversees bread distribution to the villages nearby. All employees and a majority of the landowners can purchase bread at subsidized prices. Milk and minced meat are also periodically provided at subsidized prices. During special seasons, Ezoxs provides free breakfast and lunch to its employees
  • In winter, Ezoxs clears snow from local roads with the aid of the company’s heavy machines
  • Each year Ezoxs sponsors various folklore festivals and cultural events organized in the villages

Ezoxs, Civil partnership Dobromir Yordanov – Ognian Lliev has been an Oikocredit partner since 2004.

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