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Darjeeling Organic Tea Estates Pvt. - Revamping abandoned tea estates

Darjeeling Organic Tea Estates Pvt.

Revamping abandoned tea estates


Fair trade

Trade in products that have been certified and carry a fair trade label. An example of this is a farmer’s cooperative that collectively sells its cocoa to a fair trade organization.


Promotes and/or supports the protection of the environment. An example of this is an organic farming cooperative.


Partners in which Oikocredit has taken an equity investment.

Darjeeling Organic Tea Estates (DOTEPL) produces high-quality organic tea. The "Darjeeling" label means their tea is produced in the designated region in the northern mountains of West Bengal.

Many tea plantations in the region are in disrepair. The estates are a legacy of the British period and urgently need to be re-developed.

Oikocredit chose to work with DOTEPL because of the great potential for redevelopment of the estates, their enthusiasm for organic and bio-dynamic practices, and the close ties with local producers.

DOTEPL not only provides decent wages and benefits to its employees, it also provides fully paid homes, schooling facilities and medical attention. With their high environmental standards, DOTEPL provides the opportunity for local employees to improve their personal circumstances and their living conditions.

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