Ulrich Leutbecher

Web coordinator

Ulrich Leutbecher is web coordinator at Oikocredit International. With his team, Ulrich is in charge of the implementation and the further development of the new web platform for all Oikocredit organisations. His latest activities focus on a closer relationship with investors and other Oikocredit stakeholders on the web. Social media is one of the new channels being explored.

Having a background in chemistry and IT, Ulrich worked in the Basel pharmaceutical industry in different roles. Before joining Oikocredit, Ulrich successfully led a worldwide IT infrastructure project. Being a member of Oikocredit Baden-Württemberg for more than 15 years, Ulrich decided to join Oikocredit in Amersfoort as a full-time employee in 2012.

Ulrich’s interests range from reading, learning Dutch, and performing in a choir to themes like peace, justice and protection of the environment.

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