Cooperativa Artesenal Tambores

This cooperative consists of 32 women, 27 of whom work from home while five work daily from 5am-1pm in the workshop, together with President Alicia Rodríguez.

COTAM pays its artisans 5,000 - 18,000 pesos (± 195 - 710 euros) a month, depending on skills and production. The average income in the region is around 10,000 pesos while the extreme poverty line is at 1,639 pesos and the poverty line is at 3,585 pesos.

COTAM provides the machines in the workshop and to the women knitting at home, collecting the finished work and distributing new assignments every day at 8 am (Alicia does this).

COTAM agrees with Manos del Uruguay on the making of garments. Manos del Uruguay then sends them the wool, the design and the calculations.

The women knit and weave the garments and fabrics, sending the finished products back to Manos del Uruguay in Montevideo by bus. All the leftover bits of wool are sold in the outlet store so nothing is wasted.