Alicia's story

Alicia Rodríguez is 54 years old and president of Cooperativa Artesanal Tambores (COTAM) in Tambores town.

Alicia has five children and seven grandchildren. She weaves every day from 5am-1pm. After lunch and a rest, she does additional administrative work in the afternoon.

Alicia has attended every administration and accountancy course offered by Manos del Uruguay.

Alicia has been the sole income earner many times, as her husband has a heart condition. Initially she also had to wash, cook and buy the groceries. Nowadays, her husband cooks and her children help in the house.

She has been working for the cooperative for 34 years and at 61, she can retire as Manos del Uruguay takes care of her social security and payment of its members' retirement pension. 

Alicia has taken the initiative to set up a home for the elderly in Tambores town.