Oikocredit’s latest deal in the Philippines

Oikocredit’s latest deal in the Philippines

470px-ashi-ph-1798-01.jpg22 October | 2014

Ahon Sa Hirap Inc. (ASHI) is a microfinance institution in the Philippines, providing microloans as well as other services to women. ASHI’s mission is to empower economically disadvantaged women in rural areas through business development loans and training.

Serving the underserved

ASHI has been an Oikocredit partner since 2011, originally receiving a loan from Oikocredit to further expand its operations in underserved areas. As the Philippines has recently experienced a number of natural disasters, ASHI’s need to support rural women and enterprises has increased. Oikocredit has therefore provided ASHI with a PHP 60 million loan to expand its funding to agricultural areas, particularly in the eastern side of the country which has a high rate of poverty. In the third quarter of 2014, the final tranche of the PHP 60 million loan was disbursed.


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