Uniting Uruguayan wool producers

Uniting Uruguayan wool producers

clu-uruguay-latest-deals-small.jpg17 July | 2014

Central Lanera Uruguaya (CLU) is a cooperative which gathers and processes wool from around 2,500 farming families across Uruguay. Founded in 1969, CLU is organized as a second-tier cooperative which provides farmers with advanced payments and final prices for their wool and meat, ensuring they receive a stable income.

A competitive production chain

CLU’s mission is to integrate wool growers into a competitive production chain to improve the social and economic situations of wool producers. CLU has been a partner of Oikocredit since 1987, with its latest deal in the form of a US$ 6 million credit line. In April 2014, CLU withdrew US$ 1 million to be used for working capital.

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