Oikocredit's latest deal in Colombia

Oikocredit's latest deal in Colombia

1742-red-col-01-lp-feature.jpg17 March | 2014

Red Ecolsierra is a small to medium sized organization of organic and Fairtrade coffee and honey growers located in the department of Magdalena, in the northern Caribbean coast of Colombia. The organization began in 1997 with 71 small producers and has since grown to include 318 members, majority of which remain smallholder farmers.

Promoting ecological farming

Red Ecolsierra’s mission is to promote ecological farming of coffee and its export, preserve the environment and improve the quality of life of farmers and their families. The organization has been a partner of Oikocredit since 2010, receiving a loan of COP 640 million (€ 243,000) to purchase a warehouse at Santa Marta, Colombia.

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