Update on Oikocredit’s Philippine partners

Update on Oikocredit’s Philippine partners

Philippines-update-2031125.jpg22 November | 2013

As reported on 11 November, a number of Oikocredit partners were hit by typhoon Haiyan which ripped through the Philippines on 7-8 November. It has been confirmed that a total of eight Oikocredit partners were affected on the devastated islands of Leyte and Samar. These partners include LAMP, Leyte 4th, SACRED, AKMA, OCCCI, TSKI and CARD MRI.

A number of Philippine partners have confirmed losses of homes, business as well as the lives of end-clients, board and cooperative members. As communication remains slow and difficult, it has been confirmed by Oikocredit’s largest partner in the region, CARD NGO, that over half of its 290,000 clients have been affected, as well as 74 staff members. 

Oikocredit’s Philippine office has prepared a disaster relief package for a number of affected partners. As an expression of solidarity, Oikocredit has provided one time immediate financial assistance to a number of partners to help in the rebuilding stage. At this time, three partners have received disaster relief funds; OCCCI, TSKI and CARD NGO. With telecommunications still down in many areas, Oikocredit awaits to hear from other partners to disburse funds to, and to assess the full damage and impact on members, buildings and crops.

Oikocredit will provide more information on partners and relief efforts when it becomes available.

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