Mariam Dao to tour Europe and USA

Mariam Dao to tour Europe and USA

Mariam Dao30 August | 2013

Oikocredit representative for West Africa, Mariam Dao, will be touring Switzerland, France and the US from 31 August to 26 September. Ms Dao will showcase the work Oikocredit has been doing in her region, in particular its work with agriculture, inclusive finance and women.

In the twenty years Ms Dao has been working for Oikocredit, she developed the region’s microfinance and social enterprise portfolio, which includes grass roots organizations with women engaged in food security. Prior to joining Oikocredit, Ms Dao worked as finance manager of CIGE and as an international consultant with the African Development Bank, the ILO and the World Bank. An Ivory Coast national, Ms Dao is particularly committed to promoting the financial inclusion of women and developing women leadership at all levels of African society.

Ms Dao will first present in Solothurn, Switzerland, as a guest of honour at the 30th anniversary celebrations for Oikocredit support association, Deutsche Schweiz. After having visited Oikocredit Deutsche Schweiz, she will travel to the western part of Switzerland to present at Oikocredit Romandie. Ms Dao will then travel to Washington in the US to present at the first national Oikocredit USA Summit ‘Investing in People, Empowering communities’ on 5 and 6 September. Ms Dao will speak about the situation for women in West Africa, as well as the work of Oikocredit’s partner in Côte d’Ivoire, Cocovico.

The Oikocredit USA Summit will also be attended by Oikocredit International managing director, Mr David Woods, who will present on the past, present and future of Oikocredit as well as risk management and social performance.

Ms Dao will then travel to Paris, France to speak at a press conference organised by Oikocredit France on 10 September. Ms Dao will talk to press and investors about Oikocredit in Africa, focussing on entrepreneurship, women and challenges in West Africa. After her time in Paris, Ms Dao will then travel to a number of French Oikocredit support associations including Besançon, Marseille, Montpellier, Lyon and Toulouse.

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