Partners honoured for outstanding social performance in Asia

Partners honoured for outstanding social performance in Asia

esg-award-winners-2013.jpg17 June | 2013

Two partners in Cambodia were honoured for their outstanding environmental, social and governance (ESG) work in a ceremony attended by Oikocredit investors, members and staff. The awards, which selected the top social performers from Oikocredit’s microfinance partners in Cambodia, recognized VisionFund Cambodia and AMK for their exceptional accomplishments.

Category: Award for Outstanding Achievement in Social Performance

Winner: VisionFund Cambodia

VisionFund Cambodia was presented with the overall Award for Outstanding Achievement in Social Performance with a top score in the ESG scorecard.

The microfinance partner offers its clients a wide variety of services ranging from loans to child protection, health and livelihood training. VisionFund shows strong adherence to client protection principles and has put in place a system for staff feedback and integrated social performance in staff appraisals and incentives.

VisionFund serves 157,000 clients in Cambodia and has a loan portfolio of US$ 48 million.

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Visit VisionFund Cambodia's website

Category: Award for Outreach and Inclusion

Two winners: Angkor Mikroheranhvatho Kampuchea Co. Ltd (AMK) and VisionFund Cambodia

AMK was honoured with the Award for Outreach and Inclusion for being the first microfinance institution (MFI) in Cambodia to cover all the country's provinces, particularly remote rural areas.

AMK has shown consistency in catering to the lowest segment of the rural population and has also developed its own poverty screening tool which regularly measures and monitors its depth of outreach.

AMK has over 310,000 clients across 10,300 villages and a loan portfolio of US$ 62 million.

Visit AMK Cambodia's website

VisionFund Cambodia also received recognition for its consistency in reaching out to particularly disadvantaged groups, including those who have contracted HIV. 

The Oikocredit Southeast Asia ESG Awards 

The ESG awards are given in recognition from Oikocredit Southeast Asia to selected partner MFIs in the region.

The objective of the awards is to promote and reward excellence among MFI partners in the field of social performance, while highlighting best practice examples in the most critical aspects of social performance: environmental, social and governance.

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