Investing in African agriculture

KITU-TZ-09-400.jpg24 May | 2013

Last week Oikocredit managing director, David Woods, travelled to Tanzania and Kenya to visit current and potential Oikocredit partners. Mr Woods visited both countries in East Africa as part of Oikocredit's focus on Africa and agriculture.

With smallholder farmers among the world's most disadvantaged people, Oikocredit is looking to expand its support of the agricultural sector through the development of sustainable and long-term relationships.Oikocredit currently has € 7.6 million invested in Tanzania and € 11.5 million in Kenya.

Further diversification

Mr Woods said Oikocredit aims to diversify further. "Agriculture is increasingly important to Oikocredit and I see opportunities for us to develop our support of the sector in Africa. Meeting with agricultural enterprises in the region gave me further insight into the challenges and possibilities,” said Mr Woods.

In Africa, Oikocredit operates through two regional offices in Côte d'Ivoire and Kenya and ten country offices across the continent.

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