Oikocredit’s first off-grid solar project in Latin America to support 250,000 people

Kingo27 (1).jpg05 September | 2018

Together with Dutch development bank FMO, Oikocredit invested in Kingo, an off-grid energy supplier, to help them expand to rural areas in Guatemala.

This project will target 250,000 people that don’t have access to the central electricity grid. People in these areas currently relying on burning kerosene and candles will now get access to clean energy through rooftop solar panels.  

Bart van Eyk, Oikocredit’s Director of Investments, said: “With this partnership we support an experienced off-grid energy supplier expand to rural areas in Guatemala that are very difficult for electricity suppliers to reach. We recognise the urgent need for rural households to improve their living conditions through access to reliable energy sources, which is why Kingo’s off-grid energy service is crucial.”

You can read more about this investment in FMO’s press release.

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