Oikocredit and USAID launch partnership to advance agriculture in West Africa

wages-togo-nv-pressrelease17November.jpg17 November | 2016

Oikocredit today announced that it is teaming up with USAID to finance West Africa’s agricultural sector. Oikocredit will provide loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, cooperatives and associations in agricultural value chains, backed up by a USAID guarantee facility.

The partnership with USAID will extend access to finance, benefitting smallholder famers of cashew, cereals, livestock, mango, shea and other agricultural value chains. Moreover, providing financial support to the West African agricultural sector is vital to alleviating rural poverty and improving food security in the region.

Oikocredit’s partnership with USAID is an important component part of its investment strategy in West Africa, and is consistent with its designated areas of focus: agriculture and Africa.

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