Data analysis and capacity building: linking good intentions with good results

1582-lolc-kh-1500pxs-01.jpg06 April | 2016

Microfinance institutions can support sustainable poverty alleviation, but only if they reach the right clients with the right services. Oikocredit’s client outcomes programme uses capacity building to support its partners in delivering on good intentions, helping them become stronger social businesses. At the heart of the client outcomes programme is the development of our partners’ capacity to collect and analyze data and their use of this analysis to inform their business practices.

You can click here to read a summary of the programme, including case studies and the programme’s aims for expanding the reach of its analytical approach in the coming years. The client outcomes programme has also enabled Oikocredit to carry out analysis on unique datasets and contribute to the global conversation on increasing the effectiveness of financial inclusion in the alleviation of poverty. You can read the first results of this analysis here.

The client outcomes programme is one of three global capacity building programmes established by Oikocredit. The other two focus areas for Oikocredit’s capacity building are financial services and agriculture. In 2015, Oikocredit supported its partners with 140 capacity building engagements with a total value of €1.7 million.

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