Oikocredit regional offices hold multi-stakeholder events

Oikocredit regional offices hold multi-stakeholder events

25th-anniversary-philippines.jpg28 October | 2014

Last week two Oikocredit regional offices, West Africa and Southeast Asia held events to celebrate their achievements.

The West African office, based in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, celebrated its 20th anniversary, with over 200 guests including the Minister of Health and Minister of Finance, various media outlets, Oikocredit staff and partners. The West Africa event highlighted Oikocredit’s achievements in West Africa, as well as the importance of social investing.

In the Philippines, Oikocredit’s Southeast Asia office held celebrations for its 25th anniversary, which was attended by a senator as well as Oikocredit staff, partners and other affiliates. The event highlighted how Oikocredit has become a trusted social investor, providing financial services and capacity building support in the Philippines.

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Both events united various stakeholders in their regions to highlight not only Oikocredit’s work, but also the importance of social investing.

The event in West Africa also said farewell to Mariam Dao, who will leave Oikocredit after 20 years. Florian Grohs, credit director, who attended the event said, “Our West African office and portfolio would not have been possible without the inspiration and dedication of Mariam Dao. We thank her for her valued contribution to Oikocredit over the past 20 years and wish her every success in her future endeavours. She will be greatly missed by all at Oikocredit.”

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