Let’s give SMEs the recognition they deserve, in Mexico and all around the world

Let’s give SMEs the recognition they deserve, in Mexico and all around the world

29 octobre 2019

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are at the heart of job creation and retention, all around the world. Yet so many SMEs do not have access to the finance they need. We invite you to watch a short video from Oikocredit’s office in Mexico to see why Oikocredit supports SMEs.

Seven out of every ten jobs in Mexico are created by SMEs, yet less than 30% of SMEs have access to bank loans to improve their businesses, create jobs and so reduce poverty. Oikocredit’s office in Mexico has put together a short video for you, to show the impact of SMEs and Oikocredit in Mexico.

SMEs generate 50% of Mexico’s overall economic output. The video features two Oikocredit partners: Financiera Emprendedores (Finemp) and Unión de Crédito General (UCG). Carlos Rius, Oikocredit Investments Manager Mexico said: “Let’s give SMEs the recognition they deserve”.

We invite you to take a glimpse at the work of our partners in this two-minute video.

SMEs are the vast majority of businesses in many countries, so we are talking about the beating heart of the economy. These are both new and established businesses, the creators of jobs in many sectors of the economy.

Oikocredit promotes worldwide financial inclusion for low-income people in several ways. One route is financing partners who provide responsible financial services for SMEs. This contributes to job creation and retention, and improves the financial health of SMEs.

In our latest Impact Report 2019 we report that our partners provide 2.1 million loans to SMEs. This is contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 8) providing decent work and economic growth.

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