Indulge in a FAPECAFES fair trade coffee at our events across Europe

Indulge in a FAPECAFES fair trade coffee at our events across Europe

Jose.jpg21 September | 2017

Located in the mountains of southern Ecuador, Oikocredit partner FAPECAFES is an organisation of six cooperatives seeking to improve the conditions of its farmer members by commercialising fair trade and organic coffee.

FAPECAFES supports 1,200 smallholder farmers who grow coffee for both the domestic and international markets. It offers high-quality products to a variety of market niches and provides training and technical assistance to its farmers with the sponsorship of government, local and foreign institutions.

Oikocredit has invited FAPECAFES to present at its annual European road show. Road shows are a series of events that offer investors and other stakeholders the opportunity to learn more about how Oikocredit’s financing positively impacts the lives of low-income people across the globe.

With the theme of the 2017 road show being fair trade coffee, FAPECAFES seemed a natural choice. Oikocredit has invited Vinicio Martinez and José Apolo, two staff members from its Ecuadorian agriculture partner, to showcase their work at the road show events in Spain, France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The event kicks off in Madrid on 7 October.

Vinicio Martinez Jaramillo, President of FAPECAFES, at the processing plant in Catamayo

A matter of taste

Vinicio Martinez, president of FAPECAFES, will talk about the work of the organisation, its support for organic and fair trade farming, and the opportunities and challenges faced by coffee growers. José Apolo will share his experience as a quality controller and explain and demonstrate the intricacy of coffee tasting. There will also be a barista demonstration at the events in Austria and Germany by Andreas Felsen, founder of the German coffee roasting company Quijote, a business partner of FAPECAFES.

Oikocredit sees agriculture as one of the most effective ways of reducing rural poverty through increases in income and strengthening food security strategies at the smallholder level. Through investments in sustainable agriculture partners like FAPECAFES, Oikocredit provides farmers with the opportunity to participate in competitive local, regional and international markets. We believe that the best way to achieve a positive impact is through sustainable agriculture practices that focus on environmental, social and economic dimensions at the farm level. Read more about FAPECAFES

Jose Apolo, FAPECAFES quality controller, checking the quality of the coffee

Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining one of the events below, please contact the local Oikocredit support association for more detailed information. The road show will take place from 7 to 20 October.

Overview of events:

Sat 07.10              Madrid, Spain

Mon 09.10           Barcelona, Spain

Tue 10.10             Toulouse, France

Wed 11.10           Strasbourg, France

Thurs 12.10         Stuttgart, Germany

Fri  13.10              Vienna, Austria

Sat 14.10              Munich, Germany

Mon 16.10           Leipzig, Germany

Tue 17.10             Münster, Germany

Wed 18.10           Hamburg, Germany

Thurs 19.10         Mainz, Germany

Fri 20.10               Utrecht, the Netherlands

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