Staying ahead of coronavirus webinar sessions

Staying ahead of coronavirus webinar sessions

27 May | 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic, Oikocredit has created several initiatives to support its partner organisations. One of these initiatives is a series of webinars.

Session One – Business Continuity and Scenario Building

This first session was presented by Hans Hekkenberg, risk management consultant, who has worked with Oikocredit for many years.

As a result of the pandemic, microfinance institutions (MFIs) are under pressure to maintain portfolio quality, manage liquidity, while trying to support their employees and especially end-clients.

Hans said, “Nobody knows what the future will look like, it is impossible to predict. But there are tools and methods for scenario building that can strengthen your business continuity”.

This introductory session covered: risk inputs for scenario building, liquidity analysis, stress testing, contingency planning, and shared a liquidity gap tool for MFIs to perform their own analysis.

Watch the webinar here:


Session Two - Monthly Cash Flow Stress Testing

This second session in the series was presented by Geoffrey Musyoki, Oikocredit's investment officer for Eastern Africa, who has over 15 years’ experience in agriculture finance.

Following the pandemic, agribusiness partners are under immense pressure to survive the crisis and continue with their mission and vision after the pandemic. During such a crisis, cash remains king, as a continued cash crunch can lead to business bankruptcies. Making monthly cash flow projections, using the direct method, enables managers to prepare for the cash flow challenges ahead.

Geoffrey introduced the session saying, “The planning we do now is not based on full information. No one has full information, but the worse thing a business can do, is not to plan at all”.

Oikocredit organised the webinar to provide a guide on how agribusinesses can apply stress testing to their business using different scenarios, and to use a cash flow tool to manage their liquidity during these difficult times. The webinar shared a simplified spreadsheet tool that can be used by managers, including those without an advanced financial background.

Watch the webinar here:

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