Call for applications Oikocredit Supervisory Board

Introduction to the role

Oikocredit is looking for highly qualified professionals to serve as members of its Supervisory Board. As a dynamic and pioneering social investor and international cooperative, we are seeking skilled and experienced individuals to join our board, to envision the future, provide guidance, take decisions and demonstrate the same values and passion as our members, the Managing Board and our staff. 

We are looking for board members with a strong affinity with Oikocredit’s ambitions, and the background, skills and motivation to lead the organisation together with other members of the Supervisory Board, propelling our organisation forward. This opportunity combines senior management/board experience in various functional areas, preferably in international cooperative organisations and development finance. All in support of Oikocredit’s mission of using financial services to improve the quality of the lives of lowincome people in a sustainable way.

The role of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is Oikocredit’s deliberative, guiding and supervising non-executive body. Together with the Managing Board, it is responsible for keeping the cooperative true to its vision, mission and values.

The Supervisory Board has an advisory and supervisory role towards the Managing Board and towards Oikocredit as a whole, whereby it pays particular attention to the governance of the cooperative and to overseeing the effectiveness of internal risk management and control systems. This implies, amongst others, that the Supervisory Board appoints the Managing Board, provides direction and advice, especially with regard to strategy and policy, and helps ensure that the organisation takes full account of its internal and external stakeholders in its decision-making. The Supervisory Board receives regular reports and updates from the Managing Board, including those related to the society’s compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and it monitors finances, risk, human resources, social impact and policies.

Composition and mandate

The Supervisory Board currently consists of ten members from five different continents, and seeks to balance professional expertise, geography, gender and ecumenical background.

With respect to its duties, a number of competencies are expected to be represented collectively within the Supervisory Board:

  • Financial, investment and sector expertise;
  • Expertise on socioeconomic and sustainable development in low-income countries;
  • Business development and capacity building experience in developing countries;
  • Investor relations, communications, capital formation, and fundraising expertise;
  • Human resources and organisational development expertise in an international setting;
  • Expertise on cooperative societies;
  • Experience as a non-executive director or in a two-tier board.

Members are elected to hold office for a period of three years and are eligible for re-election for one term.

To find out more about Oikocredit, the open positions and more, read the full brochure.