Membership of the cooperative

Oikocredit is a cooperative society with members all over the world. As a member of Oikocredit you have voting power in general meetings of members. These meetings are the highest decision making body of Oikocredit and, among other things, elect the supervisory board members.


A prospectus describes investments through shares as a member of the Oikocredit cooperative. If you are one of the types of organizations described below, you can download this prospectus.

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Who are our members?

Membership is open to the following categories of organizations:

Churches and church-related organizations

This category includes religious orders and national and international congregations.

Support associations

Support associations are independent organizations that operate under the Oikocredit brand to support our work. They have their own members and board.

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Our partners

Partners, mostly microfinance institutions (MFIs), who have successfully met their loan obligations for at least five years can be invited to become a member of Oikocredit.

Other organizations

Other organizations that are aligned with our mission and meet specific conditions can be invited by the supervisory board of Oikocredit to become a member.

Oikocredit International Share Foundation (OISF)

The OISF is a foundation specifically established to facilitate investment opportunities for:

  • organizations who are not eligible for membership in Oikocredit
  • individuals in countries with no local Oikocredit representation

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