Invest via the Oikocredit International Share Foundation

Oikocredit is a cooperative. To mobilize the capital needed for its mission of development financing through partner funding, it continuously issues shares to its members. One of the members, the Oikocredit International Share Foundation (OISF), also provides investment opportunities to non-members by issuing depository receipts of Oikocredit shares.

Depository receipts have the nominal value of the underlying shares, i.e. 200 euros or 200 US dollars per share. Unlike members, holders of depository receipts have no voting rights.

No fees

The OISF does not charge any costs for the issuance of depository receipts.

The depository receipts you acquire are registered in your name or the name of your organization and cannot be converted into shares.

The minimum investment you can make is one depository receipt of 200 euros or 200 US dollars, or GBP 150, SEK 2,000, CAD 200 or CHF 250.

A steady yield

The yield of your depository receipts is equal to the dividend allocated to the underlying shares which, over the years, has been 2% of the nominal value of the shares.

Nevertheless, the OISF cannot guarantee the yield and value of depository receipts.

More information

The OISF prospectus describes investments through depository receipts of the OISF.

For more information, contact Jeffry Marlissa at +31 (0)33 422 40 40

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