Consumer information

Pursuant to European consumer legislation, the following information must be made available to the consumer in good time before they submit an online participation subscription form:

  1. About Oikocredit

    OIKOCREDIT, Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society U.A. (Oikocredit)
    Berkenweg 7
    3818 LA Amersfoort, the Netherlands

    Phone: +31 33 422 40 40

    OIKOCREDIT, Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society U.A. (Oikocredit) is a cooperative with excluded liability (coöperatie met uitgesloten aansprakelijkheid) under Dutch law.

    Commercial register: Oikocredit is registered in the Dutch Commercial Register, Kamer van Koophandel (KvK), under KvK number 31020744.

    Main characteristics of Oikocredit: Oikocredit pursues the purpose of sustainable development in the Global South, acting as an investor with a social impact. In this respect, Oikocredit mobilises funds for development finance (both loans and equity investments) and invests in partner organisations that share Oikocredit's objectives.

    VAT identification number of Oikocredit: NL005798966B01

  2. Supervisory authority

    Oikocredit itself is not subject to supervision by any public authority. The competent supervisory authority that has approved the prospectus is the Dutch supervisory authority (Autoriteit Financiële Markten – AFM),Vijzelgracht 50, 1017 HS Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  3. Main features of the participation

    Nature of the investment
    The investment is a security structured in accordance with Dutch law and offered to the public on the basis of a prospectus authorised by the Dutch Financial Market Authority (Autoriteit Financiële Markten – AFM). From an economic perspective a participation is considered a non-voting equity instrument under Dutch law. Voting rights in the cooperative are held by Oikocredit’s member organisations.

    The main rules governing the participation can be found in Oikocredit's participation terms and articles of association. For further details, please refer to these documents as well as the prospectus. A careful reading of the prospectus, which can be consulted here, cannot be replaced by this consumer information. 

    Conclusion of the contract, essential performance, characteristics
    By completing the participation subscription form in full and submitting it to Oikocredit, the investor declares the wish to acquire participation(s), in the manner as set out in the participation terms.

    The agreement for the acquisition of participation(s) is concluded at the time at which Oikocredit accepts the offer as set out in the participation subscription form by issuing the participations and sending the confirmation thereof.

    The investor does not become a member of the international cooperative Oikocredit by acquiring or holding participations. In particular, the participations do not confer on the investor the right to participate in or vote at the general meeting of Oikocredit. Oikocredit also does not facilitate any meetings of investors.

    Oikocredit may, following a resolution of its annual general meeting and with the approval of the Supervisory Board, make distributions in the form of dividend payments to investors in accordance with the relevant provisions in Oikocredit's participation terms and articles of association. Further details, in particular as regards the nature and calculation of the dividend, can be found in the participation terms and articles of association.

    All claims of an investor in participations are subordinated in any insolvency proceedings to all present and future liabilities of Oikocredit, as further set out in article 4.9 of the participation terms.

  4. Special risks

    The acquisition of a participation involves risks. The risks are set out in section 1 of the prospectus. The realisation of these risks may lead to the partial or complete absence of payouts or returns for the investor, up to the complete loss of the investment amount. Oikocredit's past results are not a guarantee for the future results.

    All investors are advised to seek expert advice on a personal level prior to making a final investment decision with regard to the risks associated with the investment, their personal circumstances and financial situation and any resulting risks.

  5. Taxes, purchase price and costs

    Dividends distributed by Oikocredit are not subject to withholding tax in the Netherlands. All investors are obliged to pay tax on distributions received from Oikocredit. For the rest, reference is made to the explanations on the tax bases in section 11 of the prospectus. With regard to the tax implications of an investment in Oikocredit, all investors are advised to seek expert advice on their personal tax situation and the tax implications of an investment.

    The purchase price for the participation is € 200, or if lower, the issue price specified in the subscription form. There are no further costs and fees.

  6. Payment and performance of contracts

    The subscription amount must be transferred to the bank account and within the term specified in Oikocredit’s confirmation after receipt of this confirmation.

    The issuance of participations will only take place after acceptance of the subscription application by Oikocredit, full receipt of the corresponding payment and a decision by Oikocredit to honour the issuance request for participations.

  7. Redemption of participations

    An investor may submit a redemption request at any time by submitting a fully completed form for the redemption of participations. Whether Oikocredit complies with the redemption request is at the sole discretion of the Managingement Board, taking into account Oikocredit's terms and conditions of participation and articles of association. For further details, in particular with regard to the calculation of the redemption price, reference is made to these documents and the prospectus.

    The participations may not be encumbered with a lien, a usufruct or any other right or encumbrance.

  8. Withdrawal

    With regard to the details of the right of withdrawal, reference is made to the participation subscription form.

  9. Applicable law / place of jurisdiction

    The participation subscription form and any agreement entered into pursuant to the participation subscription form shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands.

    Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the participation subscription form and any agreement entered into pursuant to the participation subscription form, whether contractual or non-contractual, shall be exclusively submitted to the jurisdiction of the competent court in Amsterdam.

  10. Language

    This consumer information is provided in English. All information as well as all other communication are provided bindingly in English.

  11. Out-of-court dispute resolution

    If you have a complaint that cannot be resolved amicably, you may access the Online Dispute Resolution platformof the European Commission.

  12. Existence of a guarantee fund or other compensation schemes

    There are no guarantee funds or other compensation schemes. In particular, there is no deposit guarantee for the investor's claims arising from the participation.

  13. Period of validity of the information

    This consumer information is valid until expressly changed.

  14. Code of Conduct

    Oikocredit subscribes to its Code of Conduct, which can be consulted here.