Oikocredit policy on fair taxation

Oikocredit Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society UA’s objective is to ensure that it and all its branches and subsidiaries pay a fair share of taxes.

Our policy is the following:

  • We establish and manage tax governance processes that aim to ensure full compliance with all statutory and tax obligations, as well as full compliance with tax disclosure and filing obligations in all countries and jurisdictions where we operate.
  • Our loan and investment decisions are not led by tax considerations.
  • We work collaboratively and transparently with tax authorities in the countries and jurisdictions where we operate.

We are accountable to our member organizations and society at large for the taxation on our loans and investment activities and all other related policies. We therefore subscribe to the recommendations on fair taxation of NpM, the Dutch Platform for Inclusive Finance, as set out in its paper Paying Taxes to Assist the Poor?

Dividend withholding tax

Cooperatives are not subject to dividend withholding tax in the Netherlands, so no such tax is withheld on the dividend distributed to Oikocredit’s member organisations.