Women’s group: Flor del Campo

Flor del Campo was established by a group of six women in 2006 to create employment for the wives of the coffee producers. It roasts, grinds, packages and sells part of the COCAFCAL coffee to the Honduran market.

At present, it provides work for 28 women, two of whom are employed by the COCAFCAL cooperative.

The group decided to create a business plan for a product with which they were familiar, following a failed attempt to breed chickens (a project set up by a development organization).

The group presented their plan to COCAFCAL, which in turn decided to help the women start their business by providing machinery, loans to buy the coffee and a small truck for distribution purposes. The group received training from COCAFCAL in the processing of the coffee, administration, accounting and marketing. Flor del Campo buys its coffee from COCAFCAL at cost price. It has grown rapidly and now distributes its coffee to five regions in Honduras. It is also seeking to export, with the help of its contacts in Los Angeles. Iris Esperanza López (38), founded and manages Flor del Campo.

She explains,”With a lot of effort we were able to send our kids to school, but the only company that provides jobs here, is COCAFCAL.” This is why she dreams of expanding the business in such a way that it provides opportunities for the group’s children.

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