José Francisco Villeda Torres

José Francisco Villeda Torres (Panchito) is 44 years old and has been a a member of COCAFCAL since 1999. 

He lost his left arm very young, but this has not prevented him from running his organic finca (plantation) as he has to provide for his family (he has four daughters).

He has managed to send them all to school and university: Claudia (22, graduated in business administration), Lourdes (21, barista at Cafe Capucas), Dulce Maria (12, attending boarding school) and Gertrudis (11, sixth grade, primary school). He owns three manzanas of land (an area equivalent to about five acres or 20,400 sqm) which whilst not a huge area of land, is very well tended.

Panchito won the COCAFCAL competition once, testifying to the quality of his coffee.

He lost 70% of his production as a consequence of coffee leaf rust and says that he would have lost everything, had he not used the organic fertilizer which COCAFCAL provided. He chose to replace most of the coffee plants which were affected. He is therefore grateful that Oikocredit provides COCAFCAL with long-term loans, as this allows him the time he needs to recover.

In the meantime, and in order to support his family he grows other types of grain and hopes his harvest will soon return to its original high standards and that he can achieve  the high-quality product which he delivered in the past.

His dream is to see one of his daughters take over the farm, when he is no longer able to work the land himself.

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