Long-standing relationships

Long-standing relationships

June 6, 2014 - by Blanca Méndez - 0 comments

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After visiting Banco FIE’s headquarters, I met three of its end-clients in La Paz: Pablo Cordero and Betty Sebacollo (close to San Pedro) and Yolanda Mita in the Los Andes area.

Pablo Cordero (Photo Alfredo Zeballos)

Pablo produces spare parts for construction, Betty sells juice in Mercado Rodríguez, and Yolanda rents out national costumes to schools and dance groups.

They have long been one of Banco FIE’s end-clients. When asked why they stayed with FIE, they all stated that they were happy with the service and their relationship with the loan officer.

“I only want loans with FIE because it is easier,” said Yolanda. “It is very important to me that Banco FIE gave me a loan for my business in addition to a housing loan. I am now finishing my house”, said Betty.

Betty Sebacollo (Photo Alfredo Zeballos)


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