Important reflections

Important reflections

June 6, 2014 - by Blanca Méndez - 0 comments

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The study tour drew to a close with all three groups presenting their findings and relating their experiences in the closing session.

They acknowledged the professionalism of both the Oikocredit Bolivia staff and partners, and the commitment to the social mission. They concluded that the pace of development varied greatly among end-clients, as did their financial needs.

Clearly, the role of the loan officer is key to the MFI achieving its mission and the end-client’s own success. Many clients have little understanding of their own finances and repayment capacity. The goal of economically empowering the female end-clients has been achieved, but there is still much to do in terms of the full empowerment of women. This goes beyond the role of the MFI. In conclusion, the study tour participants saw the principles of microfinance being put into practice at local level and the MFIs responding to the real needs of their clients.

Presentations in closing session


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