Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams

May 23, 2014 - by Blanca Méndez - 0 comments

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I was surprised to hear from loan officer Carlos Ortiz that Leonardo Torres, who I had met six years ago, was no longer a client of Banco FIE.  Despite this, Carlos arranged a meeting at Leonardo’s new place for my colleague Matthias Lehnert and I.

When I arrived, Doña Juana Mayta welcomed me smiling, as she did in 2008. Leonardo explained that after many years of working in the same business, he wanted a business in which he could indulge his passion for music. Leonardo paid back his loan to Banco FIE and with the savings he started hiring sound equipment for parties and created a folk music group called Khanaura Bolivia. He decided to keep the minivan to earn a fixed income to support his family.

Leonardo, doña Juana, and me

Carlos has a good relationship with both Leonardo and Juana. He has known Juana since Leonardo was a teenager.  Doña Juana still sells cheese and postre (dessert) of banana on request in order to earn an income, but she no longer has a loan. She even ‘lends’ to Leonardo when he does not receive payment for Khanaura’s performances on time.

Leonardo wants to buy a house and is thinking about going back to Banco Fie for a loan.

Khanaura group with leading singer Leonardo Torres (Photo: Alfredo Zeballos)

I was lucky the group rehearses every Tuesday, so I was able to enjoy Khanaura Bolivia’s music as their special guest. I felt honoured when they played a Peruvian song for me: my own ‘peña.


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