Shopping at 7 calles (seven streets)

Shopping at 7 calles (seven streets)

May 12, 2014 - by Blanca Méndez - 0 comments

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Every city has its shopping district. Amsterdam has its ‘Negen straatjes’ (nine streets) and Santa Cruz has ‘7 Calles’ (seven streets) a crowded yet atmospheric area, with many small shops selling everything from mosquito nets and clothes to medicine and home supplies.

The area got its name because of the seven streets which converge at a small circular roundabout. It is not easy to find your way between the small shops and malls.

Together with Lucrecia Palza, Marisol Fernández, and Sergio Gutiérrez (Oikocredit Bolivia) Ulrich and I made our way to 7 Calles to buy some goodies, food, and drink for the field trips. On the second floor of 7 Calles mall I bought some clothes, given that my suitcase might take a long time to arrive.

Sergio, Lucrecia, Marisol, me, and Ulrich (from left to right) preparing for the study tour

A very nice lady went to great lengths to show me her best shirts, even providing an explanation as to whether the clothes were made in Bolivia or exported !  She gave me a discount, saying, “Send your friends to my shop, amiguita. I will give them a good price.”

When I finally arrived at the hotel, I realized I did not know her name.


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