Women in business

Women in business

May 2, 2014 - by Blanca Méndez - 0 comments

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In 2003, two sisters, Fidelia and Nancy Espinal, decided to establish a transportation company after realizing there was not a good quality transportation service in the city. Together with their mother and two siblings, Franklin and Diomari, they started Maimón Taxi with two cars.

In 2005, they received their first loan from COOPMAIMÓN to buy new cars. Since 2005 they have received several loans. The last one of RS$ 3 million was used to buy a second “guagua” (bus for 30 passengers). At the moment, Maimón taxi has a fleet of 17 cars, including a truck, five cars for executive service and two buses, hiring 11 drivers. The drivers receive a monthly salary as well as health insurance.

Nancy Espinal is the vice president of Maimón Taxi – Photo: Pedro Genaro

Nancy does not have any problems managing a business which is traditionally run by men: “The drivers are very respectful and supportive. They do not mind having a woman as their boss.” Franklin Espinal, Nancy’s brother and shareholder of the company, agrees with her.

Franklin is one COOPMAIMÓN’s first members. He says “I do not want to sound arrogant, but I can say that COOPMAIMÓN is the best cooperative in the country that really supports its members. COOPMAIMÓN makes things easier. They give you the credit. Banks have many requirements and COOPMAIMÓN charges you lower interest rates. But your money is guaranteed in COOPMAIMÓN, they have a strict and serious due diligence.”

The business has grown and become profitable. “I did not apply for a scholarship for my children. I would not qualify for the support and I am happy it is like this because it means that the business is doing well. I prefer that others with less resources benefit from this opportunity”.

Nancy and Franklin Espinal with the study tour participants – Photo: Pedro Genaro

Nancy already has plans for the future. “I want Taxi Maimón to improve and to give even better services by modernizing the fleet.”

With a strong leader like Nancy, I’m sure it will happen!


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